Your child is unique, shouldn’t your preschool choice be also?

At Academy Arts Preschool, we focus on building positive self-esteem, appropriate social skills and strong academics through a rich, multi-sensory, developmentally appropriate curriculum of core knowledge. Preschool is the ideal time to build vocabulary and speaking skills, introduce the basics of reading and math, as well as cultivate children’s fascination with the world around them.

Developed from more than 40 years of preschool education experience, this unique approach prepares students for a lifetime love of learning.

Our accomplished & experienced early childhood staff takes pride in our program and the excellent care and education we provide for our families. Low teacher to student ratios, parent presentations, twice-yearly progress reports and year-end presentation assures success.

Students learn:

  • Autonomy and Social Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Movement and Coordination
  • Music
  • Orientation in Space
  • Orientation in Time
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Work Habits
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